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​TideiSun Group

Leading the Trend.
Honor, Integrity, Truth.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, we have grown from a trading, electronics, and early Internet company into a conglomerate with: technology, media, and e-commerce.

Core Business


iSunTV shoulders the responsibility of preserving accurate and unbiased history as an independent media. We focus on documentary making and production with three decades rich of experience and expertise. 


iSunOne powers the digital dollars USDC, USDT global network with a unique prepaid Visa card solution. We advocate financial inclusion with digital offshore account service, ideal for international trade and cross border commerce. Send and receive global payments anywhere with iSunOne App, integrating wallet and card.


Tidetime Technology

Tidetime Technology started distributed cloud storage system architecture in 2008. Currently, we build an EMV compatible main blockchain as well as cross-chain platform to provide machine auditing service for small businesses.



TideBit exchange started operations in Hong Kong since 2017, and is known for its signature pairs BTC/HKD and ETH/HKD.  TideBit is a spot exchange with seamless transfer in and out function, ideal for long-term accumulation and investment of digital assets. As a pre-existing VASP, we aim to serve both our institutional and retail users with integrity and sincerity.


Honor, Integrity, Truth.  

We capture and preserve history with objectivity. 

To bring the truth to our next generation is our utmost priority.


iSunOne powers the digital dollars USDC, USDT network with unique global visa card. Grasp financial freedom; Get your iSunOne card today. 

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One account for USD and USDT, USDC 

Link digital asset to the world of trade

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iSunOne VIP

Large Volume Over-the-Counter (OTC)

Trade Desk

Abstract Lines

Tidetime Technology

We started R & D in distributed cloud storage technology in 2008. Since 2014, we have focused on the development and application of blockchain technology and built a complete set of decentralized financial infrastructure services. Such applications include: financial inclusion services, decentralized money market, decentralized exchanges, real time payment system, carbon neutrality and new energy vehicles.



Provide AI-based, zero-knowledge auditing service for startups and growing companies



Second layer "roll up" and machine auditing for cross-chain application

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Disclaimers and risk disclosures 
(i) iSunOne / other entities within the TideiSun Group are not authorised institutions licensed by the HKMA under the BO; (ii) the services being offered are not banking services and are not subject to regulation by HKMA or any other central bank or similar regulatory authority in any other jurisdiction; and (iii) customers’ user accounts and wallets with iSunOne / TideiSun Group are not depository accounts, and the funds and virtual assets stored in accounts / wallets with iSunOne / TideiSun Group are not bank deposits and are not protected by any government-backed depositor compensation, insurance or guarantee scheme.

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